cold room used in the pharmaceutical industry
Sep 16 , 2021

Medical cold storage room refers to the cold room that is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to store pharmaceutical products at low temperatures.

Today, we tell a cold room case.  The customer is that a leading domestic in vitro diagnostic company integrating R&D, production, sales, service, and pathological diagnosis technology education and training.  He bought the medical cold storage room to for medical equipment testing and drug storage.  And at the same time, his client company researches and develops medical equipment, drugs. The customer's workshop has 128 square meters, and it was divided into 7 cold storage + buffer compartments to storage drug.

The cold storage room is equipped with 2 sets of completely independent refrigeration units, one for use and the other for backup (the same configuration for 2 sets of systems), each of which needs to include compressors, condensers, evaporators, various copper pipes, cables, refrigeration accessories, etc., two sets The units can run in turn, switch automatically when failure occurs, and automatically activate the standby unit when over-temperature occurs. With automatic timing and forced defrost functions, the storage temperature is evenly controlled. The pressure refrigeration unit must guarantee a safety margin of 10% to 15% on the basis of the required refrigeration capacity. The monitoring system can observe the temperature of each warehouse at any time, understand and record the deviation between the current temperature and the set temperature. With temperature upper limit and lower limit alarm function. Automatically start or stop the operation of the cold room.

Medical Cold Storage Room
The temperature of Medicine Cold Room is commonly +2℃ ~  +8℃. The cold room mainly stores various medical products and devices whose quality cannot be guaranteed at normal temperatures. The cold room keeps medicine not going bad at low temperatures and prolong the shelf life and meet technical requirements of Drug Administration. Medicine Cold Room has the advantage sof fresh-keeping, fast cooling, complete function, energy saving. The refrigeration control system adopts intelligent microcomputer electric control technology on needed human intervention. It can monitor and record temperature as well as humidity of the storage area. With fully automatic constant temperature, automatic startup and shutdown without manual operation and digital temperature display, the storage security of the medicines is ensured.

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