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Polish 10 тонн трубки ледяной корпус машины

Polish 10 тонн трубки ледяной корпус машины
Jun 01 , 2021

today we are going to share a case of CBFI tube ice maker machine -3 sets of 10 tons tube ice maker machineproject in european country A.

industrial ice tube machine

The client aaron family has been operating the country's largest ice factory since 2000, supplying ice to all major industries in country A, such as ice for supermarket preservation, edible ice supply for restaurants and bars, and ice for cooling medical vaccines, etc. , it can be called the big ice maker of country A.

The tube ice making machine used by aaron before is from the american VOGT brand. american VOGT company is a world-renowned manufacturer of tube ice machine price, with more than 70 years of design and manufacturing experience. in 1937, the company developed the first tube ice machine, which has since improved the traditional ice making mode.

Since running the ice factory business, Aaron's father has been buying VOGT tube ice machines. Until recently, after aaron took over the family business, he wanted to expand production scale and increase production efficiency, so he wanted better quality and faster freezing. Faster, more labor-saving, more beautiful appearance tube ice equipment.

after consulting CBFI on the Internet, aaron didn't understand the company's situation at first and didn't trust the company's strength. CBFI’s salesperson showed aaron the company’s technology, after-sales team, and demonstrated the operation of the CBFI tube ice machine and the ice production process to aaron through the online inspection of the factory. When watching the commercial tube ice machine for sale, aaron saw the beautiful appearance of the CBFI l arge food grade tube ice machineat a glance, and even said: "Smart machine!" it turns out that aaron is a beautiful face!

CBFI also has many customers in country A. after aaron visited the CBFI tube ice machine at a local customer’s factory, he was very satisfied with its quality and daily ice storage capacity. in the process of technical communication, CBFI’s technical team also solved Aaron’s problems. The three major technical difficulties and pain points proposed. And CBFI’s salesperson also started from Aaron’s actual needs and provided aaron with cost-effective tube ice machine solutions. in the end, aaron decided to purchase three 10 tons tube ice machines as new equipment to replace VOGT! We also supply best economic small tube ice making machine forrestaurant, bar, hotel.

why are CBFI ammonia tube ice machine sold so quickly in european countries?

CBFI tube ice machine started in 2010 and has 11 years of research and development experience. it is the first domestic company to independently research and develop tube ice machines. The team has the capability of one-stop service for se ice factory construction, design, construction organization, production training, and after-sales service.

CBFI tube ice machine has advantages

1. compact structure

The equipment with the same output occupies an area of 15% less than the counterparts; all parts of the machine can be disassembled and assembled, and the operation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

2. save energy

energy consumption is about 70 (KW•H)/ton (under standard working conditions), which is lower than the energy consumption of peer equipment. The equipment has a long life and a high rate of return.

3. fast ice production

adopting a large-capacity liquid reservoir, self-adjusting the deicing pressure, the deicing process will not jam or stick, and the deicing will be faster and more energy-saving.

possess a number of national patented technologies: tubular transparent solid ice technology, full-liquid tube ice technology, uniform ice-cutting technology, double-knife rotating controllable-cutting technology. The unique solid tube ice technology and the flat mouth tube ice technology are at the world's leading level.

after-sale warranty

The product iterations are all internally filed, and all parts of the accessories are technically reserved, and the whole life cycle (15-year service life) provides technical and accessory support. while the technology is constantly innovating, the convenience of after-sales maintenance services is always reserved for old customers.

so far, CBFI refrigeration productshave been sold in more than 150 countries and regions at home and abroad, and our products are recognized and trusted by more and more customers all over the world.

in recent years, general secretary xi said when inspecting a number of manufacturing enterprises: "Manufacturing is the lifeline of the country's economy." And emphasized: "The manufacturing industry must be solid, optimized, and stronger."

as a member of the refrigeration industry, CBFI refrigeration has been committed to the improvement of product performance, has been investing in the research and development of new products, and has always insisted on the guarantee of product quality.

CBFI refrigeration is working hard to push China's manufacturing industry to a broader world stage, so that more customers can see, know, recognize and trust China's intelligent manufacturing! We also call on more colleagues and CBFI refrigeration to contribute more strength and value to China's manufacturing industry!

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