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Guangzhou Bingquan Ammonia to Fluorine Case

Guangzhou Bingquan Ammonia to Fluorine Case
Oct 08 , 2021

Since the Jing people live along the coast, fishing in the sea has naturally become their main economic life.

The protagonist of this issue-Ruan Jinxuan, is a somewhat different Jing people.

Reform and opening up has brought vitality to the three islands of the Jing nationality

In 1992, Dongxing was specially established as Dongxing Border Economic Cooperation Zone

As the Jing ethnic group is a cross-border ethnic group, it is inseparable from the main ethnic group in Vietnam

After several twists and turns, Ruan Jinxuan’s father came to Vietnam to work

Working in the ice factory of a relative in Vietnam

Ruan Jinxuan has been engaged in small trade between China and Vietnam

I visited my father several times when I went to Vietnam

Nguyen and his son don't want to be too wandering outside

So I returned to my hometown and built an ammonia system brine pond ice factory.

Back then, the Jing people bought ice for fishing from far away

Now there is an ice factory at my doorstep

Very convenient

The Jing nationality area is inherently rich in natural resources

The Beibu Gulf to the south is a famous fishing ground

Rich in fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish and other seafood

There are more than 700 kinds of fish

Of the same race again

The price of ice block is also fair

A few years

Nguyen Thi Ice Factory has opened several more in this area one after another

Almost monopolizes the ice business in this area

Until recent years

The ice making speed of Nguyen’s old ice factories is getting slower and slower

One of the old ice factories that has been in use for twenty years

The inner wall of the ice tank has become thicker to 220mm

More and more power consumption

Equipment ageing is also serious

In addition, relevant national policies encourage ammonia to change to fluorine

Promote safe management

Ruan Jinxuan realized

It's time to change ammonia to fluorine!

But where can I find a company team that specializes in large-scale ammonia conversion to fluorine?

Ruan Jinxuan was introduced by his colleagues

Visited the 120-ton ammonia-converted fluorine salt water tank completed by the Guangzhou Xingguang Ice Factory

After the visit

Ruan Jinxuan immediately asked which company Wu of Xingguang Ice Factory always reformed?

Mr. Wu introduced that it is Guangzhou Bingquan Refrigeration CBFI

Bingquan Refrigeration not only has a professional team to undertake various large and medium-sized ammonia-to-fluorine projects

The salt water ice block machine is Bingquan's ace project

Bingquan has helped many ammonia machine customers to carry out fluorine machine transformation

Very experienced

Hand over the old ice factory to Bingquan for reconstruction, worry-free and labor-saving, very rest assured

Ruan Jinxuan came directly to CBFI

According to Ruan Jinxuan’s needs, Bingquan Refrigeration quickly proposed relevant transformation plans

Because I saw Mr. Wu’s beautiful ammonia-to-fluorine ice factory

Nguyen Thi Ice Factory and Bingquan Refrigeration have reached a cooperation!

Nguyen Thi Ice Factory after renovation

The ice block machine using the CBFI fluorine system

Small footprint

One-button start operation is convenient and quick

Ice making speed is faster

Low power consumption cost

Labor costs are also less

The footprint is also much smaller

Dad Ruan said that the money saved could open a few more ice factories

Ethnic minorities are an inalienable member of the Chinese nation

Bingquan is willing to help every nation

We are prosperous together and go to a well-off society together!

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